10 Nov

4 Ways to Boost Your Leadership Brand and Career

Branding your leadership in a powerful, succinct, memorable way has never been more important than it is today. Companies are hiring and promoting at a significant pace, but they are being very selective. That’s the new economy, and if you want to get to the next level of executive leadership you have to be able […]

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Surround Yourself with Who You Want to Be
18 Jun

Surround Yourself with Who You Want to Be

  Listen to the podcast       One of the simplest but most often overlooked leadership success strategies is to surround yourself with winners. As Joel Osteen said, you cannot hang out with chickens and expect to soar with the eagles. Choose Wisely to Gain Wisdom Life is a team sport, and choosing the […]

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17 Mar

Do You Have Dynamic Leadership Confidence?

  Listen to the podcast   Listen to more podcasts on iTunes I would have to say that confidence is the most important characteristic needed today to enrich executive presence and be perceived as a promotable leader. Sure, you have to be competent. But you also have to support those credentials with persuasive confidence to […]

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28 Oct

Finding the Courage Within to Advance Your Life

  In these uncertain times many otherwise powerful professionals are becoming paralyzed by fears and insecurities. They want to overcome the challenges to their executive presence, their leadership brand, their professional image, and the advancement of their career. But to get to where they want to be requires a level of courage that they haven’t […]

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30 Sep

6 Ways to Expand Your Leadership & Experience Greater Career Velocity

  Companies hate to see valuable human resources not being utilized to the optimum degree. So any organization will give extra leadership responsibility to anyone who demonstrates that they are ready to handle it. #1 Expand Your Capability That’s why the trick to ensuring your predictable promotion is to develop your leadership skills beyond your […]

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26 Aug

Sarah’s Take on the EP Buzz Within Corporate America

  For years I’ve worked with many multi-national corporations to offer professional development seminars and private executive presence coaching, and the experience teaches me a great deal. I have learned a lot within the past few months, too, as more and more companies and leaders are appreciating the importance of executive presence. Substance vs. Superficiality […]

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07 Jul

Executive Presence: A Learnable Skill You Must Not Underestimate!

  As pointed out in an article from Business Insider, executive presence is ranked as a top attribute sought after by organizations looking for first-class leadership. The article cited research conducted by the Gartner firm that ranked executive presence #2 on a list of the top 20 leadership traits that make a difference. Technology skills […]

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01 Jul

Supercharge Your HR Career

  I was inspired to write this blog post after attending the recent SHRM-Atlanta Conference 2014 where I heard Tom Darrow, SPHR from Talent Connections, speak to a standing-room-only audience. His topic was Managing Your Career in HR, and his presentation reminded me of the early years of my career with Federated Department Stores, when […]

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24 Jun

Illuminate Your Executive Presence Blind Spots

  Around this time of year luxury automobile brands begin to roll out previews of next year’s models, touting their innovations and amenities. One of the features getting attention these days is technology that helps identify other vehicles that may be hidden in your blind spot. Automotive engineers have figured out ways to use radar […]

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17 Jun

Look and Act the Part You Want

  According to a recent study conducted by the Center for Work-Life Policy, a major think tank based in New York, one of the keys to executive presence is to act the part. The research found that those who demonstrate perceptible executive presence act confident, decisive, assertive, and strategic. Does that sound like you? Go […]

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