3 Secrets to Gaining Career Velocity
19 Jan 2017

3 Secrets to Gaining Career Velocity

I’m lucky to work inside many Fortune 500 organizations, speaking, coaching their top talent leaders, and helping them align the valuable strands of their corporate DNA. I get to go behind the scenes – behind the Wizard of Oz curtain if you will. I hear directly from those who command the C-Suite…about the specific traits […]

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29 Jul 2015

Genuine Listening for Leadership Success

  If you want to significantly enhance your executive presence communication skills, practice developing a more intentional listening style. Pretending to Listen Try this for starters. Spend the day today paying attention to how people listen – or fail to listen. You’ll likely notice that most of them are concentrating on what they are going […]

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23 Jun 2015

Do You Communicate to Lead?

During your professional career you have probably managed a tremendous amount of communication, whether on the phone, by email, or when asked to make a convincing presentation. But once you attain a certain level of leadership, that responsibility demands a whole new set of communication skills. If you are wondering why you haven’t been recognized […]

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04 Feb 2015

3 Public Speaking Pitfalls that Deflate Executive Presence

  Did you know that one of the most important features of a movie actor is their voice? Actors are almost always great at public speaking. Watch iconic actors in classic movies. You’ll notice that they each have a remarkable vocal presence. Think Sidney Poitier, Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, or Lauren […]

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21 Jan 2015

Top 5 Executive Presence Communication Tips

  I wanted to share with you my “Top 5” list of valuable executive presence tips that I routinely share with my private clients. So let’s dive right in! Plan Ahead Always outline your presentation well ahead of time. Memorize that outline or sequence of connected ideas. Then tick off each talking point one by […]

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28 Oct 2014

Finding the Courage Within to Advance Your Life

  In these uncertain times many otherwise powerful professionals are becoming paralyzed by fears and insecurities. They want to overcome the challenges to their executive presence, their leadership brand, their professional image, and the advancement of their career. But to get to where they want to be requires a level of courage that they haven’t […]

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18 Sep 2014

Written Communication

  Your digital footprint is not just an extension of your offline persona, it is a highly visible aspect of your communication skills. Most leaders these days know that they have to pay special attention to what they post to Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. They realize the importance of thinking before they text, and of […]

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23 Jul 2014

Executive Presence: Seize your leadership destiny!

  If you are like most ambitious executives, then you have probably pictured yourself in the C-suite since early in your career. The problem I observe with many leaders who are in a similar position, though, is that they have become too accustomed to seeing that ultimate goal as a distant dream. They cannot comprehend […]

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29 Apr 2014

3 “Death by PowerPoint” Mistakes to Avoid

  When you have an opportunity to make a presentation, especially to senior decision makers or an external audience, it’s your best chance to shine and boost your professional brand. Unfortunately it is also a surefire way to unknowingly kill any chance you have of landing an ideal client or getting promoted to the top. […]

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27 Feb 2014

The Physics of Executive Presence: The higher you rise the more gravity you need

  Although it may same contradictory, the higher you go in terms of corporate leadership, the more you need to be rooted and grounded. Otherwise it is easy to lose that precious work/life balance that is needed in order to nurture yourself, inspire your teams, and stay clear and focused regardless of the challenges and […]

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