Develop & Exude Top Leadership Presence Qualities
28 Jun 2016

Develop & Exude Top Leadership Presence Qualities

Everyone knows that if you want to get to the top in today’s business world, you need genuine and consistent executive presence. But how do you define and develop it? I sometimes use the acronym PRESENCE to help convey 8 of the core traits of executive presence. Here’s a description of each of those key […]

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10 Mar 2015

New Fuel for Your Leadership Confidence

  Try igniting a fire without any oxygen and you’ll see what it’s like to try to rally the team for greater productivity and performance without leadership confidence. You won’t have any persuasive power because leadership confidence is the contagious charisma that incites and ignites the passions of others to give you their best. 3 […]

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05 Mar 2015

Leverage Passion into Profit

  Everyone knows that if you do what you love you will find your career more rewarding, and you’ll likely find more success. But too often what we start out wanting to do in life changes. Our curiosity wanes. We lose interest or that feeling that we are fulfilling a greater purpose with deeper meaning. […]

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04 Feb 2015

3 Public Speaking Pitfalls that Deflate Executive Presence

  Did you know that one of the most important features of a movie actor is their voice? Actors are almost always great at public speaking. Watch iconic actors in classic movies. You’ll notice that they each have a remarkable vocal presence. Think Sidney Poitier, Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, or Lauren […]

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13 Jan 2015

Women Leaders are Seizing Positive Power Today

  Any woman in a leadership role understands the unique challenges that we women leaders face in today’s fiercely competitive business world. But if you take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come – and where we stand today – it may give you a boost of confidence and a radiant glow of […]

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08 Jan 2015

Fully Master Top Executive Leadership Attitude

  I love to remind my executive leadership clients of the Charles Swindoll quote, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Maybe someone less qualified than you got that promotion at work, or maybe you weren’t asked to speak on behalf of your organization at a big external […]

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22 Dec 2014

Step Up and Step In to Experience Your Greatness.

  Businesses are constantly pushing the envelope to achieve greater performance, productivity, and profit. In that environment you are only as good as your last quarterly evaluation. Right now is when you need to be taking a hard look at your skill set heading into the next year. You can be sure that the decision […]

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28 Oct 2014

Finding the Courage Within to Advance Your Life

  In these uncertain times many otherwise powerful professionals are becoming paralyzed by fears and insecurities. They want to overcome the challenges to their executive presence, their leadership brand, their professional image, and the advancement of their career. But to get to where they want to be requires a level of courage that they haven’t […]

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14 Oct 2014

Go From Invisible to Influential in Your Executive Presence

  Visual impact is the first way that your executive presence is perceived. Likewise, the main filter for visual impact is the way you dress. So never underestimate the power of wardrobe and style! Knowledge vs. Action Humans are hard-wired to believe what we see. If you don’t pass through that first filter by looking […]

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30 Sep 2014

6 Ways to Expand Your Leadership & Experience Greater Career Velocity

  Companies hate to see valuable human resources not being utilized to the optimum degree. So any organization will give extra leadership responsibility to anyone who demonstrates that they are ready to handle it. #1 Expand Your Capability That’s why the trick to ensuring your predictable promotion is to develop your leadership skills beyond your […]

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